Mobilities - Turkey

First day:With the participation of the partner countries of the coordinators and members of the "Learning Through Time: History for Life Long Learning" project's first meeting Merinos Congress Cultural Centre conference hall project program, mobility conference and was to begin with a presentation about the work of the project of country representatives.

Merinos have received information from the authorities about our group members with production and characteristics of the world famous Iznik tiles in vocational training courses operating in the Cultural Centre and the workshops have provided the participation of members of the group.
We visited the world-famous textile fabrics Merino factory engaged in the production of textiles and energy museums.
We held our dinner overlooking the bay of Gemlik Atatepe restaurant with fish feast.

Second day: Our group members visited that between the 13th and 18th century founder of the empire that ruled the world Osmangazi Han and his son Orhangazi began to tour program by visiting the tomb of the Han. We visited in the armory of the time and date to the date of possession.
We visited clock tower, ammunition history in Tophane and Kosovo sultan of the Ottoman conqueror of Khan 1.Murat 13th century, Complex Mosque and History of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet in the Green Tomb Çelebi visited, were examined closely the history of the Green Tomb tiles.
Comic actor lived during the 14th century in our country Hacivat and Karagöz and were visiting the grave of the museum.


We went to Gedikören which is 100 km away from Bursa. Our village square watching the welcoming ceremony were members of the group.
The activities in our village with the participation of the project team and villagers were made. Some of them has an important place in his life since our village and our ancestors from the 13th century was Rahvan show with horses.


Our blacksmith and member of the group was welcomed by the team participated in the workshop wrought iron work, whether manufacturing Nala horses, they made up their horses horseshoe strobing workshop.


Our hundred years that made Sesame blend of organic agricultural production and peasant women we have them perform the separation process from the sesame plant.
we eat with our local villagers who joined the production team work and buttermilk pancakes.
Our village mosque in the ancient ruins of the medieval garden (Byzantine) Marble inscribed stones were examined by our group members.
Bursa is one of our historic buildings Sultan's pavilion in a space overlooking the city famous Iskender Kebab was given a feast.


Our final meeting continued with folk dances presented by local artists and team Dagder Cultural Center, our group members had passed a good time participating in dance music.
In our country, certificates and gifts to members participating in the programs GÖRENDER project coordinator was given by Mustafa SARI.
The project group was set up bridges of friendship between countries. Very pleasant and as a natural organization has gained ground in memory.


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