Poland – Instytut Działań Twórczych

The aim of the IDT Foundation is to support the development of a knowledge-based society through all forms of civic activity in the spirit of sustainable development.


In particular, our aims are:

• Promotion of Polish national traditions, including the multicultural traditions of the old Poland
• Building regional ties through creating personal attachment to, so called, “small motherlands”
• Supporting creative local initiatives with the aim of Polish cultural heritage promotion
• Developing creative, responsible and informed audience of culture and art
• Supporting initiatives that shape the local cultural policy
• Providing solutions by using creative techniques and circus pedagogy to promote the creative expression


Projects: Creative workshops "Cultural Educators", reading workshops "Peter the Cat - fun with the book", circus techniques workshops, "Slavic Inspiration" – living history workshops, regional historical educative workshops "History of Łódź for Children" and "Tales of the Manufacturer". The Foundation is a member of the NGO Federation of Łódź participating in the cooperation between NGOs, where it co-creates a platform for understanding between NGOs and representatives of the local media and businesses. International Projects: Laboratory of Creativity (YiA), Play Story (YiA)
Beneficiaries: children, youth, adults (special emphasis on teachers and librarians), seniors.
Fields of activity: Cultural education, regional education and historical circus pedagogy, promotion of culture, promotion of creativity, creating space for creativity and the development of culture and art audiences, cultural policy.


IDT is the initiator and the coordinator of the project. It will actively participate in planning and implementation of all the project phases. IDT will also select and prepare participants for the mobilities, as well as organise a meeting in Poland.


Łodź is a post-industrial city with specific development patterns. As the industry is changing, so is the society. There is a need for civic activities in various spheres of life to help citizens of Łódź create their own spaces. The intercultural dimension is also somewhat missing. This is why European mobilities have a double positive effect: they promote the city in Europe, and they provide an opportunity for its citizens for a multicultural experience at home.


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