Local events - Latvia

Association „NVO OZOLS” established interest group involving both adults and youngsters. Our team members investigating the medieval Latvian social life: housing placement, eating habits, decorations and applied arts. We visited a lot of medieval sights in Latvia usable for living history method. We set up a special list of objects with the topic "Middle ages in Latvia": museums, historical sites, activity centers, cultural facilities.


Women deepened the knowledge of medieval costume making. Young people were interested in the armor and weapons, created with the properties of a theatrical performance needs. We learned medieval chants and have adjusted methodological material - singing copybook. The group staged medieval play snippets.


Promoting this project, representatives of Association „NVO OZOLS” informed lecturers of the Latvia University, Faculty of History and Philosophy on the project "Living History" and invited them to participate in activities.


After each mobility project participants presented the impressions and information about the meeting in Turkey, Italy, Cyprus and Romania, showed photos, talked about the medieval buildings and everyday life, shared the experience of working with ceramics.


In autumn there is planned final seminar with the participation of representatives of other similar associations, where we will create and present a small photo exhibition about the project acquired.


25/07/2015 Riga, Dainis


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