GEDIKOREN KOYU KULTUR ve DAYANISMA DERNEGI (Shortly GORENDER) is a non-profit association in Bursa City TURKEY. Most of the members from Gedikoren Village which lives different cities and working areas. GORENDER Association is founded to support people on cultural and solidarity actions and activities. Association plays an important role of improving soft skills and protecting cultural heritage. History, Culture, Art, Education is common objects for adults in the association.


Association has many volunteers to have an active role for protecting natural structure of culture and history. We organize courses for our learners to create awareness of living history of the city and country. In GORENDER Association, board created some sub departments to have a beneficial study at different topics. R&D , Education , Culture , Solidarity, Public Relations are the main departments. During the project period all departments will work for this project and the coordinator department will be "Culture Department" of the association. And historians, culture experts, history teachers, culture representatives, journalists compose to culture department.


In Bursa City cultural associations plays important role to sustain of cultural heritage and background. Peoples history awareness lights their future and add value to future vision and life concept. Museums, open area cultural heritages, curios, non-concrete historical works need to support to live long. "Living History" project will generate a conservative aspects to the citizens also people sensitive at history. The motto of the association is "Love History & Look Forward".


GORENDER Association will take part in the project very effective role. The main concentrate objects of association are the same with our project. Having transnational experiences will improve of learners of our association and socialize more. We will encourage to our adult learners of GORENDER Association to take responsibilities, joining to the the trainings, having mobilities and being active at project period. We will share our experiences with our partners and human resources. Beside this our association will create a common synergy at local via media news and announcements by means of project activities. There will be created a strong network between local and international partners. And this network will add an extra power to stainability of the project and disseminate wide-huge area.


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