Mobilities - Latvia

People with common interests for medieval history two years ago came together to go on a long trip in time and space. In August 2014 the travelers came to the crossroads, containing rich cultural imprints - the European cultural capital of Riga, Latvia.


Riga city in the Middle Ages was the most important trading center in Eastern Baltic. The 13-th up to 15-th centuries passed in ceaseless conflicts about who will rule in Riga, pass laws, collect taxes and trade. Old Riga Town has a lot of evidences for this - not just a buildings, but the events and the street names  tell us the stories of life in the Middle Ages.


During Livonian period Latvian material and spiritual culture of the local population consisted in both - Latvian and medieval German cultural influences. The travelers compared different cultural evidences:  costumes, jewelry, weapons, reconstructed buildings, and household traditions.


Age and culture is best exhibited during feasts and festivals.  At neighborhood of Tērvete wooden castle travelers themselves  participated in the Medieval festival. They were the Iron Age people costumes and decorations, competed in various exercises, enjoyed music, created jewelry, popular in the encoding ethical message.


Crusaders called Livonia as St. Mary's land. Visiting Livonia and Riga diocese, guests have to show honor to Turaidas Vogt - county manager. To do this, travelers dressed in accordance with the raffle status learned how to greet hosts and serve the gifts. To confirm the visit to the sheriff, the wax plate with a stylus parchment with a feather was used to write in order to certify that they have understood the spirit of time.


Side by side the different cultures put together gave a vast opportunity to see and discuss the crusaders and they message of Crist, its influence upon the local tribes and their spiritual growth.  There was an opportunity to meditate upon the theme and to create drawings.


25/07/2015 – Riga, Dainis


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