Latvia - Biedriba "NVO OZOLS"

Biedriba „NVO-OZOLS” (OZOLS) is non governmental organization. OZOLS aims to encourage adults in lifelong learning (formal, informal, interest) and to ensure the active participation of all persons in policy processes and public services, as well as the European Union co-financed projects and activities.


OZOLS target groups are people of all ages, including young people with special needs and pre-retirement and retirement age people.

OZOLS has prepared and organized in Madona district comprehensive and motivational training cycle for young people under risk of social exclusion and seniors, which focuses on self-employment, self-esteem maintenance and general socialization.


OZOLS actively carry out research into the history of Madona region. It is interested in medieval history, medieval festival organizing experience, history teaching methodology.


OZOLS has established a training center which employs several specialties teachers, career education specialist, historian, environmentalist.

Organization OZOLS has issued methodological tools, such as have been issued "Methodological Materials for Workshop".


In 2011 OZOLS for eight months was successfully implemented the Swiss-Latvian project "Cooperation between the generations in the social exclusion and poverty and at-risk populations in Madona district", which was targeted at young people with disabilities, children from low-income families and seniors.


Created by OZOLS the support center "Generation to generation", equipped with computers and furniture and functioning in Madona Park Street Nr. 4, is a support platform for future population activities and trainings.


In 2012-2013 OZOLS is implementing Grundtvig Workshop project "Ethnobotany – herbs, environment, human”, in which 20 European adult learners in June 2013 for one week will be educated in Latvia on the use of plants for food, medicine, cosmetics. They will also visit a number of nature trails, open-air museums, Latvian University Herbarium.


OZOLS has been governed by a Board consisting of 3 persons.


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