Italy - Associazione Culturale Fatalamanga 23


Fatalamanga23 is a cultural association based in a south of Italy (Puglia) who's main activities are Theater and Music. In 2009 we adapted old farm in an Art Center "Fatalamanga Art Farm" where we work on local and international projects. Region of Puglia is still considered underdeveloped region. There are many efforts in improving current situation and we are doing our best to elevate Puglia's wellbeing. We organize educational workshops aimed for children and adults. Our Theater projects are mainly focused on local history and exploration of less known historical personalities and events. In May 2012 we have organized Grundvig Workshop (Katarsis Teatro e Natura) involving 20 people from Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Portugal and Greece.


- "Hansel e Gretel", Puppet Theater Show, Casa Delle Arti, Conversano, Italy 2012
- Cantastorie, theater performances for schools, Museo del Teritorio, Alberobello 2009-2011
- The Secret of the Magic Wood, theater show for schools, Indiana Park, Castelana Grotte 2009-2011
- Il Binario Della Cultura, four theatre shows about local history of Puglia region, sponsored by Regione Puglia 2011
- L'amore la morte e il poeta , thetare show based on poems by a local poet 2011
- Il Segreto della Signora in Bianco, theatre show based on the local history located inside historical farmhouse with support of Regione Puglia 2009-2010
- Nel Segno di Pinter, theatre show for the anniversary of pinter death 23 Dicembre 2010 with support of Regione Puglia , 2009.
- The First , theatre show about social disease 2009
- Cuori senza Airbag theatre show with a group of young actors, with support of Regione Puglia ,2009
- Giocare il teatro: theatre workshop and fairy tails shows for kids. 2009-2011
- Vedere l'invisibile: workshop of 'theatre therapy' for adults 2009-2011
- Workshop 'Dizione di Teatro' for free lance professionals, associations and young actors- 2009-2012


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